Katie went home before most people even got a chance to know her. So in honor of my Katie-bug I'm posting some facts about her short but wonderful life...

1. Katie wasn't very good at soccer. But she loved playing for no other reason than to flirt with the boys on the team who would buy her candy at the nearby snack stand.

2. Katie loved Wonder Woman. Her step-mom Kathy made her a home-made costume for Halloween the month before she was diagnosed. When the sun went down the night of Halloween her big sister got scared of going up to doors, but Katie wouldn't have any of that - she marched up to each house by herself for candy.

3. Once on the play ground a boy asked if he could kiss Katie. She coolly responded, "Only on the cheek"

4. Katie loved all of George Lucas' worst creations - she was a huge fan of Howard the Duck and Jar Jar Binks and even had a 7' tall cardboard cut-out of Jar Jar in her room

5. Katie had the most gorgeous hair - very curly, thick, and with her blue eyes very Irish. Her dad made sure to comb it out after every bath or else it was a mess. After she passed her family kept a lock of her hair braided.

6. Katie loved the goofiest things. One of her favorite sound-bites seemed to come from a punk song, it was so strange when she said it: "blood and bleeding!"

7. Katie was stubborn. If she didn't like the look of a food she wouldn't eat it. She'd sit at the table for hours rather than eat one bite so she could go play.

8. Katie loved the game Heroclix and loved to play with the brightly-colored figures. She had her very own extensive collection of super hero pieces.

9. Katie loved Lord of the Rings and in particular she loved Hobbits. She even dressed up as Frodo one year for Halloween. At the beginning of Fellowship of the Ring she would watch as Gandalf entered the Shire and point out the little girl running alongside his cart - she'd point and say "That's me right there!"

10. Katie loved the t.v. show Smallville and in particular she loved the character Lana Lang. She begged for a Lana Lang action figure and kept it in her bed with her every night. She loved sitting on her dad's back and watching the show each week when it came on. Clark was her hero.

11. Katie loved riddles. Ever since the night her dad tucked her in with a passage from "The Hobbit" she loved the riddle game Bilbo played with Gollum and so every night she asked to be put to bed with at least three riddles, mostly about her favorite things.